Why Are PCs So Big Yet Phones So Small and As Powerful?

Why are PCs so large and phones so small and as powerful? The answer lies in the evolution of computing technology. In 1946, EDSAC, the first computer, took the world by storm, taking basic calculation from a mouse to a tally. This device helped the Allies defeat the Nazi war machine and usher in a new era. Today, computers are in almost every home, with more memory capacity than all of NASA. They can be as slick and full of RGB lighting as the latest iPhones.

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While desktop computers remain a mainstay of the enterprise market, their popularity among home buyers has decreased. As a result, PC makers have shifted resources to develop new models of laptops, which started out as netbooks and later evolved to Ultrabooks. In April 2017, Android’s market share exceeded that of Windows, making it the dominant operating system for desktops. Today, Windows remains the most popular operating system on desktops, but Android and iOS are increasingly taking the lead on smartphones.

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