What is Your Review of the Samsung S20?

What is your review of the Samsung S20, or the S10? We’ve all wondered whether this phone is worth the money and hype. With a large 6.2-inch display and a tele sensor, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a solid, lightweight option that comes with a decent price tag. The S20 has a similar design to previous “S” handsets, with a glass back and a few curves. The S20 is not as sleek as the S10, but we still appreciate its solid build and good looks.

While the S20 has a surprisingly large battery, it’s still smaller than many competitors. This smartphone is surprisingly small, especially compared to the Galaxy S20 Plus, and the Galaxy S20 Plus isn’t available in 512GB configurations. The S20 Plus is the only model with a cheaper 4G option, though. While T-Mobile has good coverage in Southern California, the Galaxy S20’s signal isn’t great everywhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good phone.

The Samsung S20’s camera is another area of weakness. The screen is too bright. It doesn’t have a wide enough field of view to play high-end games. The camera, however, has a wide variety of games on Google Play. Its 20:9 aspect ratio doesn’t cause gaming to be quite as immersive as the S20 Plus, and games have to be scaled down a lot. But the display on the S20 is remarkably responsive when playing games.

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