What is the Difference Between CDMA and LTE A?

The basic difference between the two is in how they use frequencies and the use of SIM cards. The former is a wireless communication system in which several users can simultaneously transmit signals at the same frequency. The latter utilizes a single channel to transmit data in different code languages, while CDMA uses embedded serial numbers to communicate. To change the phone number on a CDMA device, you must notify your carrier. Once you do, your new device will automatically be linked to your account.

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CDMA is a wireless technology that allows several users to share the same band of frequency. Both technologies use different algorithms to access the frequency band. While CDMA utilizes a frequency band of 900 MHz, TDMA uses a different frequency band of 800 MHz. The two use the same channel but work on different algorithms to maximize the available bandwidth. When compared to LTE, CDMA is faster, but does not support as many data channels.

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In addition to their different frequencies, CDMA has higher spectral capacity. This means that it can accommodate more users per MHz of bandwidth. CDMA is also cheaper than LTE, so users can save money by switching carriers. But, be aware that CDMA and LTE A can be incompatible in some areas. When purchasing a new phone, check coverage maps and compare the two. Then, decide which one you’ll use most.

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