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What Happens to the Blood Sugar When We Exercise?

What happens to the blood sugar when we exercise? This article will answer the question: what happens to our blood sugar when we exercise. We’ve all seen the infamous blood-sugar spike after a long run or an intense gym session, but what happens when we do it during a workout? Here’s what happens. Exercise elevates your blood sugar levels. Your body’s response is to produce glucose. This sugar is stored in your muscles for later exercise

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Exercise lowers your blood sugar levels for up to 24 hours after your workout. This happens because exercise increases your body’s insulin sensitivity. When you exercise, your muscles use up glucose more effectively. This extra glucose makes your body more responsive to insulin, which helps the muscles use it for energy. However, this extra glucose can have some adverse effects on diabetics, especially those with low insulin production. High levels of blood sugar, known as hyperglycemia, can be dangerous

As we age, our bodies use up more insulin than before. Exercise makes our bodies more efficient at using insulin. If you are diabetic, you may need to adjust your insulin dosage before, during, or after your workout. In the future, you’ll know which activity will raise and lower your blood sugar levels the best. You’ll also have better control over your diabetes. During a walking session, David shares his tips on managing diabetes while exercising

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