TV Shows That Are Worth Your Time

Finding a show that is worth your time and effort can be very challenging these days because TV series and movies are created in such large quantities. We understand the value of time and a good show, as well as how horrible it feels to waste time watching a poorly written movie or drama script. We therefore came up with a list of TV series that, if you are nerdy and enjoy smart people and conversation, everyone should watch.

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Breaking Bad

It is apparent that you have already seen this masterpiece of a show if you are a true nerd looking for amazing scripted TV shows. Everything about Breaking Bad deserves praise, including the plot, character development, and storyline.

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All of the characters are well-developed, from Walter White’s transition into Heisenberg to Jessie Pinkman’s empathy to Hank’s integrity at work. The show’s thorough understanding of chemistry and its flawless methods of execution all contribute to Breaking Bad’s status as a binge-worthy production.

You are missing out on one of the greatest television programs of all time if you have not yet seen this gem. The concept of a boring chemistry instructor who has gone bad and is attempting to escape the DEA and the drug gangs after him.

Penny Dreadful

Penny dreadful was a term for inexpensive, hastily written, and spectacular horror novels or comics in the past. These stories were incredibly good and well-liked, despite just costing pennies each to purchase. These short horror stories included famous characters from famous books and used them in their own ways.

Well, the psychological thriller show Penny Dreadful is set in the shadowy reaches of Victorian London, interprets well-known literary figures like Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein in a fresh and original way. The author, in the style of penny dreadfuls, took classic literature and transformed it into a psychological thriller with conflicted people, each of whom was engaged in a different conflict.

With the aid of Ethan Chandler, the protagonists Eva and Sir Malcom go on a mission to locate Sir Malcom’s daughter and rescue her from the beasts. Only a genius could write such a fantastic script, so if you enjoy ancient literature, you must see this show. You get shivers while watching every episode of every season. Everything about the plot, the graphics, the audio, and the settings is excellent.


We are all familiar with the TV program Sherlock Holmes. The show, which is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries, centers on Sherlock and his roommate John. Every episode has a unique plot, and every episode builds suspense to the point that you cannot stop watching until the very end. Sherlock’s method of solving the puzzles and his cerebral approach make it the best for nerds and individuals who enjoy mysteries and suspense. The television program is ideal for viewers who enjoy mysteries and want to watch something well-written.

Sex Education

In the television program Sex Education, high school students receive sex education in a variety of ways. The program encourages freedom of expression while making a very scathing critique of traditional approaches to sex education. It is a well-written show that encourages viewers to talk openly about their issues and stop viewing some topics as taboo. Along with having lighthearted characters and entertaining moments, the show is enjoyable to watch for adults and imparts important life lessons.

Every character goes on a different path and changes from their original state. The character growth of Professor Groff and his son, Adam Groff, is the best illustration. Along with teaching tolerance and understanding, the program tackles some really sensitive subjects. So, if you are unaware of the sex school, watch the video and educate yourself.

The Handmaid’s Tale

A civilization that resembles the former US and lives under totalitarian, dystopian government is shown in the television series The Handmaid’s Tale. The television program is based on Margaret Atwood’s book. The story explores a fundamentalist leader who views women as the property of the state.

So, if you’re a feminist who enjoys learning about history and is deeply engaged in politics and global concerns, you’ll enjoy this show. Ofred, the story’s inspirational protagonist, transforms from a reserved and shy child to an unconventional rebel. The show illustrates how someone’s curiosity and observation can drive them to test and cross social norms and limitations.

The Big Bang Theory

Every nerd must have watched The Big Bang Theory, the quintessential nerd TV program. Therefore, this TV show is for you if you’re looking for a well-written comedy that is light and entertaining to watch and has clever jokes. Each character, including Penny, Leonard, Howard, Sheldon Cooper, and others, has a unique amusing way of making you laugh.

The greatest lesson from the show is that no matter how intelligent a person is, he should never lack fundamental empathy and always keep his feet on the ground. The show is entertaining while also teaching us valuable life lessons.

Downtown Abbey

The Crawley family’s and their servants’ lives are the focus of the British period drama Downtown Abbey. After the sad sinking of the magnificent Titanic, it is set in the post-Edwardian age.

For someone who enjoys history, the drama explains the ancient aristocratic society and class structure in old England. It also has a fantastic setting. This TV program is the best show for you if you’re an intellectual who enjoys classical dramas with a historical and political undertone. Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, you will undoubtedly adore the script.

Final Thoughts

The TV shows we’ve recommended above cover a wide range of genres and sorts, so even while some of them might not be your kind, we’re confident you’ll find something you’ll like. Pick your favorites, then start watching them.

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