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Kpop Entertainment Names Ideas

Kpop entertainment groups usually follow a certain concept for their music videos and song titles. These concepts can vary from retro to futuristic to supernatural, but most often they remain consistent. To come up with a name that works for your group, think about the concept they want to represent. It might be something that’s unique or reflects the group’s identity. Here are some ideas for names. Keep in mind that not all names are appropriate for Kpop groups.

Numbers: Historically, winning strategies for girl groups have been to be pink, sweet, and pretty. Recent feminist campaigns have begun to challenge these gender stereotypes. One such girl group is BLACKPINK, a quartet whose music combines elements of hip hop and EDM. The name BLACKPINK is meant to challenge this stereotypical idea of what it means to be pretty. The name is also meant to express the idea that being pretty isn’t everything.

“Girls’ Generation”: The girls’ group made its debut in 2007 with the single Into the New World. At that time, girl groups weren’t as popular as they are today, and there were too many boy bands dominating the industry. However, they quickly became popular and their fans gave them names like Sookyoon and Sooyoonie. A fandom name such as So Oneidol is a great choice, because it taps into the adoration and passion that fans have for their idols.

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