Informative Guide About Term Black Monday In Crypto Trading

Due to its ability to trade much digital information, such as Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Litecoin, and others, the KuCoin System is unique. The bitcoin price today is high in terms of trading Term Black Monday is a well-known term used by traders to refer to the day when the cryptocurrency market falls. The term was first used by John McAfee around 2013, and it has since become a popular term among traders interested in cryptocurrency trading.

What Is Term Black Monday?

Term Black Monday is when the cryptocurrency market experiences a major sell-off or crash. It usually occurs during December, when many people start to trade their cryptocurrencies for Christmas gifts. This is because most people lack enough money to invest in cryptocurrencies at this time of year. However, some traders believe this is an opportunity for them to buy more coins at cheaper prices than they would otherwise be able to buy at other times of the year.


The term Black Monday (TBM) is a term used to refer to the day in which the entire cryptocurrency market fell by 40% or more from its peak value. The event occurred on September 15, 2018, when Bitcoin fell from a high of USD 20,000 per coin to below USD 9,000.

Black Monday All You Need Must Know

Black Monday is the event that occurred in 2018 when the cryptocurrency market experienced a massive correction. This event was marked by large price drops in most cryptocurrencies and led to the deficiency of many dollars in esteem. The reason for this event is largely attributed to bad news about crypto exchanges, as well as fraudulent activities.

Some companies have decided to suspend their operations to prevent further losses, while others have temporarily shut down their services. In addition, many institutions like banks and stock exchanges have suspended their operations to avoid any potential damage caused by these events.

Is Trading In ETH Or USDT Preferable?

If you’re hoping to exchange with USDT, you’ll need to consider utilizing KuCoin’s Luna administration. Luna considers a consistent and smoothed-out exchanging experience, making it ideal for those hoping to exchange rapidly and productively. Furthermore, with Luna’s high-level elements, you’ll have the option to exchange with more certainty and precision.

Drop Of Stock

Black Monday is the name given to a single day in 1987 when the stock market dropped by 22.6%. This was the largest single-day fall in the history of American stock exchanges.

The event is often considered the beginning of the great recession of 2008-2009. It caused huge losses for investors, who lost trillions of dollars on that day alone.

Shib Price

Many new crypto traders are often confused by different technical terms. One crypto investment you should look into is  BTC, an ERC-20 token from the KuCoin exchange platform with plans to expand into the space industry later on down the line.


Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) make up a popular crypto trading pair. For example, KuCoin offers BTC/USDT, Luna, BTC/ETH, and BTC/Luna (shib price).

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