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How to Use Alexa Drop In With Your Echo

To use Drop In with your Echo device, you must first register for Alexa Calling and Messaging. From the top-right nav bar, tap on the ‘Contacts’ icon. Then, tap on the ‘Allow Drop In’ toggle to turn it on. Once you’ve enabled Drop In, you can then use your Echo device to spy on others. Alternatively, you can ask Alexa to spy on other households through ‘Drop In’ with friends and family.

Drop In works for both voice and video calls. If you’re sharing a room, it can also be used for video calling. It works best when the environment is ambient and attentive, like during a video call. The device’s light will turn green when it detects Drop In. It will also start flashing green and pulse in a straight line when an incoming call is detected. It’s important to be aware of what these signals mean, and how to avoid them.

Drop In is useful if you have multiple Echo devices in different rooms. It’s easy to open an audio feed between Echos when you want to check in on certain rooms. For example, you could tell your family to get dinner, or tell them to go outside while you’re cooking. If you have multiple Echo devices, you can use Drop In to keep an eye on everyone without disturbing anyone else. You can also use it to check up on someone in another room.

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