How to Find Someone on Snapchat by Location

If you’ve ever wanted to locate a lost friend, you can do so with the help of location tracking on Snapchat. Btjunkie By simply turning on location tracking in the phone’s settings, you can view the Snap Map and view the friend’s location. Alternatively, you can browse their snaps in Ghost Mode. You can also use Snapchat search to find someone by location. If you’ve ever wanted to find someone on Snapchat by location, read on to learn more.

Once you’ve enabled location-based search, go to a friend’s profile and tap the “Creator” tab to see if they have uploaded a story in that city or region. To find the username of the person who uploaded the story, click the “View Creator” button at the bottom of their Snap. Isohunt If you’re still unsure of their username, check their top-left corner.

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, head to the Snapchat app and open the Add Nearby app. You’ll see a blue hotspot where they’ve posted a Snapchat story in the past. To add them as a friend, tap the + sign next to their username. Thedigitalscale After this, they’ll see a notification. Then, they’ll have a chance to add you.

The location feature of Snapchat makes it very easy to locate your friends. Presentnews The Snapchat map shows where your friends are at any given time. This is particularly handy if you aren’t able to track your friends’ whereabouts. Moreover, you can find the friend’s location by simply typing their name into the search box on the Snap Map. Claimrecoveryhelp The app also has a cool feature called Heat Map that shows you the current location of the user.

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