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How to Change Alexa Voice in the UK

Amazon Echo users were treated to the ability to change their voice this summer. Before then, Alexa was limited to only speaking in English and speaking different languages. Thankfully, Apple and Google have rolled out similar features. Now, Amazon has brought voice change to the UK as well. If you’re tired of hearing that female voice, you can now switch to a male voice with an English accent. Here’s how to do it.

Changing the voice of your Alexa is as easy as asking it to. You simply need to open the Alexa app and select the “Change Voice” option. During this process, you can also choose a new voice or choose the original one. In the UK, you’ll find the new voice option on the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve selected a new voice, you can change the voice in the same manner.

If you want to make your Alexa more personalized, you can also choose a celebrity voice. For example, Samuel L Jackson’s voice will be on the list of celebrity voices, as will the voices of Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and many more. While the first three options might seem the most appealing, they’re still limited. To change your voice, you’ll need to download an Alexa skill.

If you live in the UK, you can change the voice of Alexa. First, download the Alexa App. Once downloaded, launch the app. Select the accent from the menu. Then, select the language and accent you prefer. Then, tap “Change to UK Accent” to choose the accent. Make sure to click the right language option! The accent will be translated into the new language. If you want to change accents, you can also select the language options from the language menu.

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