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Best Kpop Companies to Audituate For Foreigners

In the past, there were only three top Kpop entertainment companies that would accept foreigners to audition, but these days there are actually four, and thousands of people are trying to get in. While one of the toughest to get into is HYBE, which focuses on boy groups, the other three are equally tough. You can apply to a few of these companies, and if you’re lucky enough to get in, you might just end up becoming a trainee right away.

Among the best Korean pop companies to audition for foreigners are the Big 3 (SM, YG, and JYP). These are the ones that have the highest salaries and have the largest fan bases. However, you may also find smaller agencies – especially after the rise of BTS — which are renowned for having a huge following outside Korea. However, if you want to audition for one of these companies, you should make sure to read reviews and see whether or not the agency is legitimate.

If you’re not Korean, you can also try submitting your audition to smaller companies that will consider a foreigner. While these aren’t big3 or small, they might be willing to consider a foreigner – and they’re certainly more profitable for them than bigger companies. For that reason, you should try looking for kpop companies that accept foreigners and get in. That way, you’ll increase your chances of being accepted.

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